COVID-19 & Vitamin D

You may have heard in the media that in view of recent evidence regarding Vitamin D supplements and COVID-19 it has been announced that the Government will supply 4 months worth of Vitamin D to all patients who are classed as 'Clinically Extremely Vulnerable' to COVID-19 to support general health, good bone and muscle health.

These patients will be contacted directly via mail or email and directed towards the following NHS  website to order the vitamins:

You will only be eligible for these vitamins if you have received notification from the NHS saying that you are at high risk from coronavirus and >18 years old. 

When you apply your name will be checked against their list to confirm that you are on the shielded list of patients at high risk. If you qualify you will receive 4 months supply of the vitamins directly to your address from January 2021. (You will however need to apply before 4th Jan 2021) 

Patients in nursing and residential care homes will automatically be sent their vitamins direct to the home. 

You do NOT have to opt into the scheme if you are already taking Vitamin D supplements or have previously been told by a healthcare professional NOT to take Vitamin D supplements. 

Please note that this is the ONLY method by which the vitamins can be obtained via this scheme. The practice will not be prescribing these vitamins. You can however purchase them in community pharmacies and online. 

It is recommended that you take vitamin D 10mcg (400units) daily during the winter months.